Friday, October 12, 2012

ACEH: A Humanitarian Destination

Aceh, was the destination our team picked to go to for this year’s educational visit. After a tragic event of Tsunami last 2004, sweeping away thousands of people  Aceh has left the world with such grief to ponder upon. Today, the world give their hands and their hearts to Aceh to rebuild what's left of it. After eight years, Aceh is now a country that is economically stable and is known around the globe, attracting many foreign investors and visitors. Though, remainings of Tsunami still haunts us, people of Aceh are ever more thankful and grateful as they see this as part of God’s blessings.
Hence, on the 10th -15th of June 2012, a collaboration community service project between two Mahallah (Safiyyah and Sumayyah) called “Humanitarian and Educational Trip to Aceh” was organised. Almost 30 students have participated along with 1 fellow and 5 new friends on this humble journey to Aceh.  It is a programme organised by MRC of both Mahallah, conducted for one week around Aceh that aimed to widen students knowledge and skills. It also seeks to instill values that touches the heart and soul. We visited many places such as Museum Tsunami, Takengon, Yayasan Nordin (Orphanage), coffee factory, the famous Rahmatullah Mosque and many others. This trip was one to be remembered and cherished.

Welcome To Mahallah Safiyyah



The Fellows of Mahallah.

Our sweet Principal .

Line up of BRC.

On 22nd of April 2012, MRC Safiyyah have organised an appreciation night called “Precious Night” to congratulate graduating students and those BRC members as well as MRC members for all the hard work spent in making the tenure a beautiful one indeed.  A night where we celebrate the inner beauty and strength of women in knowledge, in success and in faith filled with good food, video presentations and performances. We, MRC wish you girls the best in life, health and Iman. You have shown such beauty of what it means to grow from being a girl to a woman in Islam. Barakallahufiki!


From 9th-15 of April 2012, MRC Safiyyah with help from high committed committees, had organised a week that aimed to strengthen the bond and friendship among the residence of the Mahallah called “Safiyyah Carnival 2012”. Many events were planned throughout the whole week such as talks, booth sales and explorace. Although the weather wasn't on our side, MRC Safiyyah has showed such good effort and esprit de corp. to make this programme a successful one indeed.  Fret not, as next year it is going to be better and more enjoyable! Look out.. 


On 24th – 27th march 2012, MRC Safiyyah had conducted a program called “Kembara Ukhuwwah Kedah 2012” in collaboration with MRC Mahallah Bilal and Mahallah Uthman. This program was held at Kg Kuala Lanjut, Pendang, Kedah with almost 60 participants from all three Mahallah participated. Many activities have been planned such as Sukan Rakyat, Facilitating and Gotong Royong. 


12 and 13th March 2012: Yet another year of two full day’s event filled with fun and games with participants of Humanitarian Trip to Aceh shared with kids as young as 5 years old to 13 years old. This is a programme organised in conjunction with our fundraising project for our Humanitarian Trip to Aceh 2012. “Creative Workshop” is one of those events that aimed at enhancing students entrepreneurial, leadership and teamwork skills. With many activities such as origami, singing and cooking, kids could explore their creativity and imagination with no restriction. And through such event, we as teachers, too found the kid in us and had such great time spending and learning among ourselves. 


MRC Safiyyah in collaboration with the Block Representative Committee had organized a special day called “Mahabbah Day” with the orphans held at Asrama Damai Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Kuang, Selangor last 18th February 2012. With a theme named “We Care about You”, 12 committees and 27 participants accompanied by Mdm Suzanah and Mdm Noraida, have showed such dedication and strength as they continued an effort that have started last year, to serve and care for the community.

Many games and activities were done for the kid as some of the participants helped around the house by cleaning up and mural painting. Through such community service programmes, the participants of Mahallah Safiyyah have learnt a lot especially in dealing with the orphans and understanding their situation. Thus, we from the MRC and all Fellows would like to thank and express our deepest gratitude to all of the committees and participants who gave such commitment in accomplishing this success. 


Every year, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) celebrates sportsmanship spirit among students through an event named “University Sports Carnival”. This year it was done on the 20th-25th Feb 2012.With a theme, “Towards A Healthier Ummah”,  students from different Mahallah both boys and girls could battle positively in sports like Futsal, handball, tennis, chess, javelin and many more. And Alhamdulillah, this year, Mahallah Safiyyah have brought victory by winning Gold in Handball and Chess while Silver in Tennis and Bronze in Futsal, Javelin and Lempar Cakera. Congratulations to all you girls involved. May next year brings more success to us!


12 -13 FEB: A fitness challenge week was organised by MRC Safiyyah and BRC with the objective to provide a platform to look for the best sportswomen as representative of our Mahallah in the upcoming University Sports Carnival. With almost 60 candidates participated  in games such as futsal, netball, table tennis and others, only few made it through as they battled their way in for the win. We wish them all good luck and may the best woman win! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Safiyyah Car Boot Sale 15-16 Feb 2012

Safiyyah First Edition 2011/12 Newsletter

17-18 December 2011: Visit to V5, UTP Open Day

This visit was a programme planned to unite two gilrs's colleges from two universities in hopes to strengthen the bond through many other collaboration programmes in the near future. As a start, Village 5 college from the University Technology Petronas, has invited our Mahallah for their first ever Open Day.  In this two days programmes, our visit there was treated well with games, good food, delicious local fruits and movie show under the moon light.

As a result from the visit, we are proud to say that we have established a stable friendship with them and hope that it will continue to flourish through more events organised together.

Tautan Ukhuwah: UTP visits Safiyyah

On the 23rd October 2011, Safiyyah had recieved a friendly visit from students of University Technology Petronas (UTP) who came all the way from Perak! Yes, you heard me right. Consist of 5 students and  a fellow, we were very honoured to have them here to share our knowledge in the  betterment of the hostel. We showed them around the Mahallah including the cafeteria, MRC room, reading room, TV room, laudry area as well as the rooms in block J and Musolla. The sharing moment we had was such a bliss! We hoped that this bond we have created will continue to harvest and grow in the future InsyaAllah.

21-25 November 2011 :"We CARE, We SAVE"

Green Week programme is an ongoing effort made by the  MRC in hopes to educate and give awareness to students about the importance of making a difference in saving our mother earth. Consist of four sub-programme, 1) Energy &Water Conservation, 2) Reduce, 3) Reuse and 4) Compost Week.

In this first programme, we started of with an official opening by the Principal, a showcase of some short videos on how to conserve energy and water as well as a competition.
As a result from this programme, students are more aware of the need to save water and energy in order to give a positive impact for the world and our future. Apart from that, many students too, took part in the competition as a way to show their support for this cause.