Friday, October 12, 2012

ACEH: A Humanitarian Destination

Aceh, was the destination our team picked to go to for this year’s educational visit. After a tragic event of Tsunami last 2004, sweeping away thousands of people  Aceh has left the world with such grief to ponder upon. Today, the world give their hands and their hearts to Aceh to rebuild what's left of it. After eight years, Aceh is now a country that is economically stable and is known around the globe, attracting many foreign investors and visitors. Though, remainings of Tsunami still haunts us, people of Aceh are ever more thankful and grateful as they see this as part of God’s blessings.
Hence, on the 10th -15th of June 2012, a collaboration community service project between two Mahallah (Safiyyah and Sumayyah) called “Humanitarian and Educational Trip to Aceh” was organised. Almost 30 students have participated along with 1 fellow and 5 new friends on this humble journey to Aceh.  It is a programme organised by MRC of both Mahallah, conducted for one week around Aceh that aimed to widen students knowledge and skills. It also seeks to instill values that touches the heart and soul. We visited many places such as Museum Tsunami, Takengon, Yayasan Nordin (Orphanage), coffee factory, the famous Rahmatullah Mosque and many others. This trip was one to be remembered and cherished.

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